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 My Clients Tell All About Working With Me.

Authentic communication is key to me as is being able to work with someone who is truly interested in your voice.

Nicole was able to take my thoughts and have them come to life in a concise and beautiful way.

The process of working together is seamless and easy. Working with Nicole has been so pleasurable.

She is creative in a way that connects to the client’s vision and uses that connection to speak in the voice of the client.

The most remarkable thing to experience has been Nicole’s ability to immediately delve into my needs and vision!

Marilyn Schlossbach
Marilyn Schlossbach Group
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Before working with Nicole, I was worried that a copywriter wouldn’t understand the kind of voice that I wanted my brand to have. This fear couldn’t be further from the reality of working with Nicole. 

Working with Nicole was beyond a pleasure. I don’t say this jokingly, but I actually cried happy tears when I read the FIRST draft of the copy! She was able to capture my brand’s voice and tell my story better than I could have ever imagined. 

She takes such pride in what she does and really cares about her clients. It shows tenfold in her work.

She was so detailed in the questions she asked during that meeting and the notes she took, that after reading my bio, I could have sworn she had read a bio about me on Wikipedia! She’s so diligent in her thought process that you may feel she knows more about her brand and you than you do! 

When you have your own brand, it is so close to you that sometimes it feels nobody could ever know it as well as you do.

Nicole makes it her priority to know you and your brand inside out. Nicole exceeded every expectation I had and I can’t wait to work together again.

Karisa Perrone
Owner/ Designer
Velvet and Slate
Asbury Park, NJ

It’s always hard to find someone who can capture the right voice or tone. Working remotely, it’s sometimes hard to coordinate within the tight deadlines. 

Our team was reaching its limit on projects so by partnering with you we were able to continue to grow our client base.

Nicole was able to jump right in with little direction to both capture the different voices of our various clients and complete projects in a timely manner.

Working with Nicole has been awesome! She’s easy to reach and easy to work with. She’s able to take the directions and run with them. We’ve had little to no revisions which helps us significantly cut down on project times.

There are some writers who aren’t receptive to criticism or feedback and it’s so great Nicole is not one of them. We love that she’s open to constructive feedback so that she can continue to produce amazing content for our company and clients. 

Brittany DeMauro
Content Director
Revelation Creative
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Amazing! Nicole is great to work with! Super professional, personable, and works hard to get a good understanding of your business and what content you are trying to put out.

Nicole’s professionalism was on point. She completed the task before she said she was going to and I love the way she has with words! The way she described my yoga studio makes me want to go there to host a party!

Jennifer Hansen
Metta Yoga NJ
Neptune, New Jersey

Before working with Nicole, I couldn’t be certain the written work would sound like me. I was also concerned about the investment.

I needed help creating engaging and thoughtful written content for my website.

Nicole was amazing at breaking down and digesting the work needed and then organizing it into specific content pages.

Now I know I could give Nicole any project and feel confident that I will be thrilled with the results.

Nicole is thorough and great at setting up expectations and then exceeding them. Super easy and comfortable to work with. 

She was able to clarify exactly what my services are and who they are for and then ultimately write to reach that client!

Elizabeth Murphy
Personal Trainer
Red Bank, New Jersey

I’ve never worked with a copywriter before and was nervous about someone bringing to life what my thoughts and own voice are. Nicole was super open to my feedback and listened to my concerns and addressed them efficiently and professionally.     


I can’t stress enough the importance of promptness, thoroughness, and professionalism when it comes to trying to “win” someone’s business and respect. Nicole did this amazingly and I was super impressed!


Like most, I don’t have much time. Nicole helped solve my issue of not having ANY copy on my business website. It’s great to know that Nicole has an SEO background and are able to speak to my services while addressing the concerns about viewership. Nicole made this process easy and much less intimidating.


Sasha Buerano


SB Financial LLC

Brick, NJ

I didn’t have doubts about working together. I had more anxiety prior to because I just didn’t know how to execute the copy for my brochures. I knew the vision but struggled with the words. Nicole took that anxiety away.

I had major writer’s block, I kept avoiding it. Nicole heard my vision and was able to execute in a prompt efficient manner.

It was nice working with someone who presents such good energy and passion for her craft.

Tamara Sabatino
Fierce Females NJ
New Jersey

I really needed copy for my website. I didn’t put any effort into it in the beginning and it showed. I wanted my website to look and sound professional. Nicole really cared about my success.

It was just was really important to me that I worked with someone who got it and understood what I am trying to portray. I am terrible at writing and getting my thoughts on to paper in a powerful way. 

Nicole did just that. 

She was really able to capture my voice in her words. I can’t wait to use her again. 

She made everything so simple and easy. As a busy business owner hard to come up with content but she made it work for me. 

She valued my story and my approach to business. She was hands down a joy to work with.

Marvin Flavien
MK Flav Video
Neptune, New Jersey

I wanted to be able to reach my customers/clients with informational things going on energetically and about upcoming events in the store and I felt very overwhelmed at the idea of having to create and come up with content plus writing all of it. Since working together, the content that is delivered to my customers/clients is extremely informative and it is written in a way that all who read can truly connect with.

Nicole’s services helped my company by taking on something that isn’t in my zone of genius and in doing so this freed up so much of my personal time to give back to my children and family.

It was fun collaborating on ideas and then reading the amazing content she created.

Nicole’s ability to adapt to the material you weren’t so familiar with and still come up with amazing content. She truly put your best foot forward in working to help grow my company. Like I said from the start, the day I read her website I thought, “This girl’s got my back”. 

Courtney Giddes Pitta
Avon by the Sea, NJ

I was worried that I wasn’t sure what content to put out to engage my clientele. Now I feel as if I do not have to worry about it because Nicole helps pick my topics!

It resulted in actually learning a little bit more about my industry as well as having a good read every Monday!

Stephanie Gluck
Magnolia Event Rentals
Howell, New Jersey

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