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Read on to learn more about who I am and how i can help you forge long-lasting relationships with clients.

hi I’m Nicole

And This Is My Story 

I’m a creative content and copywriter living by the beach in New Jersey.

I grew up in Philadelphia before moving to the beach in New Jersey and I’ve studied psychology since middle school and I’ve been writing to make an impact in the world since I can remember.

But why?

Well, In middle school spent one devastatingly long and hot summer stranded on my northeast Philly couch after two spinal fusion surgeries to fix a 75-degree curvature in my back. 

Once I made it through that summer on the couch, I promised myself that I’d never waste another summer feeling stuck. I wanted to make a difference, get creative, and live my life on my terms.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked as a school counselor, led a department of counselors, taught English, and worked with people in recovery from mental health and addiction challenges. 

All the while I found myself being pulled in to boardrooms and classrooms to write for my employers in one capacity or another.

It Was Time For A Change

After creating content and copy for my employers in addition to my other duties for most of my career, I ditched my windowless-office life and decided to write full time.

Since then, I’ve created a business I love. 

More than that, I’ve had the chance to continue to give back to my community as I create stellar content and copy for the clients and companies I serve.

I spend time donating copy and content assets to the non-profit Food For Thought By The Sea. I sit on their board and donate my time to planning and executing fundraising efforts for this phenomenal organization.

And if you’re wondering what a woman with three titanium rods running the length of their spine does for fun, the answer might surprise you…

 When I’m not writing for amazing businesses you’ll find me at the beach playing in the waves, reading the latest in marketing psychology to keep my writing forward-thinking and stellar, traveling to the west coast and beyond, and going upside down as often as possible at aerial yoga classes… because there truly are no limits. Right?


And I’m Sharing My Story To Tell You This:

There are so many psychological and copywriting approaches that we’ll use to grow your business.

And they’re all built on one key idea.

It’s an idea that research supports and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt will help you reach more people and create lasting connections.

And it is this:

Your words build your thoughts.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

And those feelings drive your decisions and actions.

This means that, whether you’re running a business or buying from one, you need someone in your corner who understands how to turn this mental process into connections and purchases.

You need the right words to make connections and conversions.

But you don’t have to write those words yourself.

So, don’t waste your time waiting for inspiration to strike.

Don’t spend hours creating content you hope will connect with customers.

Instead, invest in working with someone who can take that work off of your plate and get you back to the things you love about your business.

When we work together
-You benefit from my decade of experience in counseling and psychology as your content leads your customers through a conscious, connection-focused, and action-driven buying process.

-You feel good about adding value to customer’s lives consistently because you make connections that lead to far more than the “buy button” clicks you ultimately get. 

-You get content assets that lay the groundwork for your customers to continue to make conscious, purposeful buying decisions and your investment continues to work hard for you for years to come.

That’s why we’re going to make a stellar team.


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